About Us

GRUPO ADUANAL ZARAGOZA SC and / or ZETA FORWARDING CO.INC., We are a unique and complete integral customs agency since we have earned our prestige by always providing effective solutions in the field of international trade. With 30 years in the field, we have won hundreds of clients from the United States, Mexico and Canada. Our aggressive strategy will continue to meet the preferences of each client individually since our permanent mission is to provide, implement and maintain comprehensive solutions in foreign trade.

Both companies are run by A.A. RICARDO ZARAGOZA AMBROSI with national patent 3139 thus guaranteeing a legitimate, quality service and personalized attention.

We offer professionalism and the best of work teams, which is distinguished by its strict compliance with customs requirements, operation and standardized processes that are continuously subjected to validation, measurement and review. Our range of clients is made up of small and medium-sized companies to large corporations. We have been widely recognized through the passage of time. Our pride is to have an excellent staff that has the necessary experience to serve you efficiently and always provide the best of services.

It is very important that goods arrive at their destinations on time, since they are part of a supply chain, therefore the less time they stay in the ports of entry and exit the better. Good documentation of the request by experienced and professional personnel guarantees that international trade traffic flows with agility. We take care of the 100% clearance of merchandise to ensure that all merchandise is released daily before customs when they result in customs recognition, currently we have an annual average of 8% customs recognition (red) in general merchandise which is a consequence of our good reputation before customs and above all that we try to keep our clients in good health, customs speaking.

Services Laredo, TX

  • Comprehensive Import Services.
  • Comprehensive Export Services.
  • Experience in customs regimes and tariff classification.
  • Land, air, sea and rail dispatches.
  • Specialized Legal, Tax and Foreign Trade Advice.
  • Handling, Crossing and Storage of Merchandise.
  • Logistics Coordination in Mexico, the United States and Canada.
  • Inventory Control and Reporting System.
  • State-of-the-art Information Technology.

Grupo Aduanal Zaragoza, S.C.

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Zeta Forwarding Co. Inc.

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